I have debated whether to mix writings with my photography and artwork blog. What I desired to opine and express is not necessarily about photography or art. What I want to write about is the process of aging, creativity, and life. I used to have multiple blogs and websites. It took a year to let them go. What remained was this blog that I have been back and forth on as to keeping. I decided that I do want to write whatever comes and that I will just keep one blog. Just let it morph into whatever. As much as I like to have a picture with writing, I think it distracts.

I have debated whether to have my photography and artwork showcased with my writings or not. I decided to separate the writings from the photography and artwork posts to keep it simple. Writings are writings and visual art is visual art. If I do have a writing with a visual art post, it will be about the image featured.

The writings are to stand on their own in sharing.

The visual art will stand on its own in expressions.

Each on their own merit.

I prefer to keep it simple.


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