Inhabit Your Life

Do you inhabit your life? Do you inhabit your body? Do you inhabit who you are as is? I ask this because I see a lot of escape going on by many people with the use of social media and television as well as the use of internet porn and spirituality, to name a few, in a virtual reality. If your life isn’t up to par for whatever reason, escape is easy and it is easy to get lost. You become a not you sucking in satisfaction of your choice escape through media. You inhabit elsewhere in a vacuum somewhere giving up experiencing your life, body, and who you really are.


Time whizzes by. Something could happen to shake you and wake you. I know. I have been there and done that. What the purpose truly was I could not say yet I have somewhat a glimmer now. Maybe someday I will understand. I know why. I was in physical and emotional pain. I had to quit my career. I became a hermit. The hermit part was just fine. Then I got online. I was in search for answers as to why I had this mysterious disease called fibromyalgia with its constant severe pain and brain fog among the multitude of symptoms.

I searched for a cure via spirituality. I became involved in constant study of various and many spiritual teachings and with online discussion groups. That was what I breathed and lived for. This helped pulled me out of my misery. I did become a writer, photographer, and artist through it all and those were gifts while going through the valleys of despondency. Being online was my lifeline and make believe. That was where I spent a majority of my time. I remained ill, getting no better, and actually getting worse. I did not inhabit my life, my body, and who I was. I certainly wanted to be someone else without pain and never growing old. Yes, I still feel what that was for me. Perhaps what I went through was a teacher for me. Something I will write more about in my continuation writings about my Healing Journey. Time and years sped by at warp speed.

I have given up a lot of what I had believed spiritually. Because I desired to experience my life fully, head on, facing as is, no matter what. I started waking up a few years ago while straddling the abyss with a foot in fantasy and a foot in reality. Then I got really sick with vasculits and the physical reality with pain shook me to the core. When I faced that I might die while in the hospital, I really wanted to live and I mean live… come back to Life. Be in my body and life and me full steam taking one day at a time in the present. Inhabit who I am and becoming and here as a human with Great Spirit. Inhabit and experience my life to the nth degree with all the blessings and tragedies and laughter and heartbreak… ramming on into death.

Make each day count. Be here now. Love yourself and love those you are with. Be a light unto yourself and others. Inhabit your life.

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4 thoughts on “Inhabit Your Life

    • Hi! Yes, it is a challenge to use online as an enhancement in our real lives, as you said. I’ve come close to completely quitting. Enhances… I like that. Thank you for commenting & your compliments! 😊


  1. I checked out your “about” page and fell into the rabbit hole to see your artwork. Wonderful! I also enjoyed this post. I hope you derive real joy and satisfaction from what you do and with who you share it.

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    • Hi! Oh my, thank you very much for your lovely comment! I do derive real joy and satisfaction from my writing and art along with sharing. And that is why I continue to create and share. My hope is that what I share will somehow and someway bless those who view and read. Life is to be lived fully. 😊

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