Healing Journey-Homage to Traditional Medicine

I pay homage to traditional medicine in the modern arts of healing via medicine, research, and education. Traditional medicine saved my life. I used to avoid traditional medicine as much as possible in favor of alternative healing and medicine. Not now.

Healing Journey Abstract Two by Anna Louise

Healing Journey Abstract Two

I did not educate nor do my own research as to traditional medicine to help my medical conditions. I played with too many supplements and herbals in which, frankly, I think had been dangerous for me and possibly aggravate my condition. Landing in the hospital via a ride in an ambulance due to being seriously ill, rattled me to being open to being cared for by traditional medical care in a modern research and educational hospital; University of Kansas Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas.

I had up to four teams of specialists examine and observe me to the nth degree along with blood and imagining tests. I appreciated their “leave no stone unturned” attitude as well as their expertise. I was in a place where they have treated my condition, vasculitis, and the danger of an inflamed aorta.

It is the research and eductional hospitals like these, in which includes National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, First in Human experiments for last chance clinical trials that saves lives in the present day and future.

I am still in the procress of treatment and will go on a medicine protocol along with blood and imaging tests to monitor my condition. I will know more soon as to my prognosis and what this means. I try to take one day at a time with gratitude in my healing journey.

I will relate and share more in a forthcoming post as to my turn-the-corner from the non-traditional alternative to traditional medical care because that in of itself will be a long write and read.

Therefore, I pay homage and salute to the strides and advances of modern traditional medical care, research, and education.

Thank you traditional medicine for saving my life and giving me more time to live, love, and laugh.

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3 thoughts on “Healing Journey-Homage to Traditional Medicine

  1. I too played with supplements, liver cleansing and herbals thinking the alternative route was the right route which resulted in needing medical intervention. This resulted in an endoscopy which in England they do without full sedation. I chose to have the throat spray, it was fine. I believe now that this was my lesson regarding releasing control and having faith in others. I’ve always been a control freak 😬 and I still am to a certain degree. Believing that medication can cause more problems. My body or maybe spirit seems to fight against everything that is conventionally supposed to help it.

    I wonder now if this is me once again fighting for control. Would it be easier just to let someone else take that control from me and accept it with gratitude.

    Your posts have really made me think deeply is illness really a weakness or a strength. 🤔

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    • Oh my, I hear you on the lesson with releasing control. I do not like, putting it mildly, having control yanked from me. I am a control freak and the biggest challenge and lesson in my life. I am working on letting go…smile…little by little. Sigh… more faith is needed. Recently, a quote on my blog: “You do not need to know precisely what is happening or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered in the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.” -Thomas Merton

      Indeed. Like you, I went the supplements and herbals route. I do believe I caused the last flare that was severe enough to land me in the hospital via ambulance as well as nearly killed me. That was one of the first things I thought of while in severe pain in the hospital bed—the supplements initiated the flare. That is another writing I want to continue in length about as Healing Journey 2 in that of supplements and the dangerous fire that we play by self-medicating.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts. Your feedback helps me open more within my own self in clarity, I think, as to what my illness is teaching me.

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