Infinite Within Finite

The Infinite is within the finite. It may be hard to believe or have a belief that this could be so. A human body, truly a mysterious and wonderful entity, does die. As it is with Nature. However, there is something that continues and gives birth and rebirth after death. The something is breath or Spirit. If one truly ponders this with their own spirit open without fear, the stirring reveals this about life and the Infinite within the fragile finite.

Infinite Within Finite Kaleidoscope copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

What is the meaning of life as a human being finite yet Infinite spirit/Spirit within?

For me, the meaning of life is living life fully, completely in all and entirety of the life spectrum and emotions—madness and saneness, sadness and joy, hating and loving, giving and taking, sunrises and sunsets, awareness and asleep and dreaming, sinner and saint, devil and god, birth and death, animal and divine, along with the curses and blessings. The meaning of life is acceptance, participation, curiosity, wonder, hitting the floor running, dancing, singing, embracing, anticipation, loving and being loved, glad to be here now. Without resistance. Walking through the shadows and fears, deserts and forests, the valleys and climbing mountains and coming down mountains, stormy and tranquility seas, hot and cold. The meaning of life is not merely existing with one foot in the grave and getting along.

The meaning of life is fully and completely being Alive. Filling oneself with Nature, nature of life, nature of being human, nature of being spirit, as the Infinite within the finite.

With one version of the Navajo Prayer, “Walk In Beauty,” the Beauty is the Infinite, and always present everywhere.

Beauty is before me,
and Beauty behind me,
Above me and below me
Hovers the Beautiful.
I am surrounded by it,
I am immersed in it.
In my youth,
I am aware of it,
and in old age,
I shall walk quietly
The beautiful trail.
In Beauty it is begun,
In Beauty it is ended.

via Daily Prompt: Finite


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