Three Beloved Pets Remembrance Memorial

Three beloved pets passed and crossed Rainbow Bridge within three months that started April 2017 with the first death. All were old aged. This is a remembrance memorial for each loved furkin.

Sugar 2003-2017

Sugar, also known as Sugar Pup and Oklahoma Mud Puppy, a Schnauzer and Lhasa Apso mix, had been thrown out and abandoned with her sister, around three or four months old, on an Oklahoma country road during a thunderstorm at night. My cousin had happened to be traveling the road on that dark, stormy night when she nearly ran over them in the road. An animal lover, she braked and jumped out of her car to rescue the pups. And she was angry to the nth degree that someone had done this. At her Mom’s, the pups were dried off and cared for. Her mom, my first cousin, so dear to me, had colon cancer. Animal lover she was and having many of her own pets, she couldn’t keep them. Sister, black and white in color, was immediately adopted out.

When I arrived for a visit at my cousin’s house before going to the hospital to see her, as soon as I sat down, here came a buff colored pup that jumped in my lap. My cousin’s husband said I could have her. Although I already had two dogs, in which one was very old, I fell in love with her on the spot and named her Sugar. My cousin approved when I saw her in the hospital. This sweet dog was special. You see, I had dreamed of her a few months before. She had looked similar in the dream except she was a wolfhound… and my protector.

Getting her home and washing off the red Oklahoma dirt, Sugar became my constant companion and protector. She was fiercely protective and loyal. Sugar was the most confidant, aware, and loving dog I had ever met. She was always kind and upbeat. She loved to run and bark and was the alpha female of our dog pack. In the end months, her back legs gave out and her heart diseased. The night she died, she got up and ran out the bedroom door heading north and fell in the hallway. She passed quickly and ran for the light. I miss her beyond measure and loved her like my child. I am grateful I had 14 blessed and happy years with Sugar.

Ben 2004-2017

Ben, also known as Benjamin, Big Ben, and Big Puppy, had escaped a yard from being chained with a boxer during Fourth of July fireworks. My husband and I volunteered worked at the local humane society by walking dogs and fostering dogs at our home. Ben came in with his big brown eyes and happy smile. A half collie and Labrador. We started off fostering him and ended up adopting him.

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Coming Back to Life

Big Sunflower Abstract copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved.jpg

It’s been awhile since I have written and posted. Three beloved pets died and I ended up in the hospital with a serious condition that could have taken me out of this earthly realm. I am slowly but surely coming back to life.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write and blog anymore. However, I seem to be drawn to express my words and life as it is. Maybe for me and healing. Life is oh so tough but very precious. I desire to live my days with gratitude, awareness, being present, joy, and just being. My perspective has changed, of course, since my brush with death. Facing a serious and a bit rare illness in which I have to be monitored via blood tests, imaging tests, and specialty doctors is a challenge for me to face this squarely and live fully.

I am still getting my bearings. I have been letting go of old attitudes and beliefs. There I was earlier this year worried about aging, getting older. Well, that is a gift! Aging and alive. So, I intend to make the most out of my remaining days. There are no guarantees in this life and death is always around the corner for each person no matter the age. That is the way it is. My spirituality is utmost important to me and more so than ever before.

This post is for me to open up as I am coming back to life. I’ll write and blog more here and there my random thoughts about whatever and life and art and photography.