Express Mum


My inclination to express mostly has been mum the past month. Mums the word. My words drew deep within me refusing any kind of written expression. All grew quite. When I would ask my inner writer self if she would like to do some writing, I received a resounding No!

I have been somber and contemplative in my mum time. I’ve wondered if should force myself to write whatever to grease the rusted wheels. To get something going. To express. There is still a niggle within to keep writing as a way to express via blog. Perhaps my writer self has not run away and just hiding in the shadows. Maybe there is more to say by words.

Therefore, this prompt post concerning express.

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Danger and Death Lit Her Genius

Danger and death lit her genius when her car caught on fire and brakes failed while in morning traffic. Courage, bravery, ingenuity, wisdom, smart thinking, and keeping a level head—all of genius—she steered the smoking tomb veering for a light post at a fast food restaurant. The only way to stop was to crash into something. Amazingly, no car hit her nor she hit any vehicles as the blazing car screeched for the pole crashing in loud thunder. She braced, holding dear to the steering wheel, for the impact. The air bag deployed and the fire ignited and whooshed up the hood. Somehow, she managed to unbuckle the seat belt, grab her purse that had been tossed onto the floor, burning her arm. Kicking and pounding the driver’s door as it jammed, she had no more time. She said a guardian helped her wrench the door open… someone from the other side who loves her very much. Someway, somehow, she got out as the fire bloomed high and overtook the car.

Burned Car 2 by Anna Louise

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Buildings Shape Us

Old Outbuilding by Anna Louise

“We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.” -Winston Churchill

Do buildings shape us?

Does our very own homes, whatever they may be, shape us?


I think about my home that is 122 years old. It was shaped in several ways after it was built as well as moved to another location. I had shaped it several times to suit the time I was in. This year the old house has been getting painted in various colors along with new gutters and shutters installed (my hubby and I have done all the work). I am creating a new look with this old building and will dig up the front yard to plant different kinds of flower gardens. There will be yard art, too. Why not have a place filled with color and beauty? An artistic home for an artist.

Therefore, I surmise we have shaped each other throughout the 25 years of living together, this old house and I. Yes, I can understand how buildings shape us—past, present, and future.

Photo above is an old outbuilding with its own character and shape.